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S2 VICTOR is a small but strong company founded by two designers, Seo Min-kwan and Seo Hong-seok, to create " better value. "

Starting with two people in 2014, it became a design studio with seven members. Our goal was to challenge various fields based on industrial design and build independent studios with our own colors At the time when I came out of my company and I was worried about the next company, many companies now have decided that it is difficult to make our own colors.

‘ I thought that our company or company we were going to work could not give us deep consideration for design and a new sense. ’It is the reason that we became now. So from the beginning of business until now when we when one design comes out, I try to make a lot of worries and we are not just searching the internet, but actually seeing and touching, and what shape can put all the configuration that consideration will share all of our staff not only personal. S2VICTOR means Superb Solution for Victory, or the perfect solution for victory. 

This not only makes the product look beautiful, but also the convenience of users who use it and understand its various productivity features. It also means that we will carefully consider and resolve the entire process, including the marketing of our products.

We will continue to strive to maintain a good partnership with many companies in the future.

Thank you again for your interest in S2VICTOR.

Our Team / Superb solution for the victor member

Design process / Superb solution for the victory process

Currently S2Victor, it consists of planning team, design team, and design team.

our company are not just pursuing design, furthermore the process of mass production and even untill selling at market Keeping in mind so  we are product design and instrument design,Circuit, walking mock up, mass production We are proceeding as a general manager.

so we proceeding all process like product design and instrument design,Circuit, walking mock up, mass production if our company pursuing only design, since we cant proporsal preferred solution when various issues came up. S2victor provide sufficient solutions to a variety of issues in the development of  products throughout product design.

Office / Superb solution for the victor offiice

Our office not only for work even open place for everyone at anytime and  they can use for various activity,designer regural meeting, workshop, self - study and then PDF HAUS (deisgn education) hosting by S2Victor is beyond merely creating material value for example we tring new value creation like community operation reration design and design education culture 

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Our Contact / Superb solution for the victory process

From the end of 2014 to the present day, we are doing interesting works with various companies and organizations