1. First Activity / PDF Product designer's comunity

We runing  `PDF Product Designer Community` for concern designers `PDF Product Designer Communuty‘ is various activity and interact with designers at the first we opened internet cafe in 2013, that We opened our first internet cafe in 2013 and have been operating community for the past five years.

currently, many designers participate in the community as a community for various activities and coexistence. we open various events like contents produce, regular meeting, special lecture for those who are interested in product design and who are work in product design. There are a lot of difficulties in the busy schedule of running the company We are trying hard to keep up with our self-esteem and support from many people.

S2victor have advantages, who friends has many know-how and sense always stay with us because through these community. S2Victor is through these meetings have the advantage of having friends with various know-how and senses around them. 

PDF Product Designer Community

PDF :  http://cafe.naver.com/mksso

Facebook  : www.facebook.com/pdfdesign

2. Second Activity / 'PDF HAUS' Product design study

Trying to do meaningful activities with various friends we met through PDF We utilize the space of design studio that we operate to promote talent donation style design education. this education is non-profit activity so we are teaching ith more affinity. education project get a name for PDF HAUS, because we insprated by BAU HAUS, also It is meant to create a space that you can go to anytime.

currently a good rating by domestic and foreign designer and Design related medias, also the quality of the result is being improved as lecture every time.


PDF HAUS : www.pdfhaus.com