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We are a creative group of industrial designers, engineers and branding professionals. From smart wearables and home appliances to small living items, we create products that help us suggest a lifestyle of the future.

​에스투빅터는 산업 디자이너, 엔지니어, 제품기획 전문가들로 이루어진 크리에이티브 그룹입니다. 스마트 웨어러블과 생활가전에서부터 작은 리빙소품에 이르기까지 앞으로의 라이프스타일의 방식을 제안하는 것에 도움이 되는 제품을 만듭니다.

Brands we’ve worked for

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Founder & PX design director

서홍석 Hongseok Seo

Founder & Creative director

서민관 Minkwan Seo


There are so many different industrial design studio in the world. We were also designers who worked there. 

But it wasn't easy to work with pride in our work. "Why don't we create the company we want?’ In 2015, S2VICTOR Product design studio started out as two founders. 

We didn't want to be the consumables that produce large quantities of design anymore. We wanted to be the creators that make us competitive. Our team has grown steadily since we started our business with a pool of talented team members of the same mind. Today we are trying to produce results that everyone can relate to, satisfying not only our customers but also our consumers.

이 세상에는 참 다양한 산업디자인 스튜디오가 존재합니다. 저희 역시 그 곳에 소속되어 일하던 디자이너였습니다. 

하지만 우리 일에 자부심을 갖고 일하기란 쉽지 않았습니다. ‘우리가 원하는 제품디자인회사를 직접 만들어보면 어떨까?’  2015년 에스투빅터는 그렇게 2명의 설립자로 시작되었습니다.

질보단 많은 양의 디자인을 만들어내던 기계적 소모품이 아닌, 제품의 생명같은 경쟁력을 불어넣는 크리에이터가 되고 싶었습니다. 같은 생각을 가진 역량있는 팀원을 모여 창업 이후 꾸준히 성장해왔고, 오늘의 우리는 클라이언트뿐만아니라 소비자까지 모두 만족하고 공감할 수 있는 결과를 만들기 위해 오늘도 열심히 고민하고 있습니다.

2014/ 2015

2016/ 2017

Chungho Nais / Coffee Purifier Tiny edge

Bokuk / Dehumidifier

Bokuk / Air fryer

Renopia / Electronic piano for children

Ztween / Wireless router

Link / Toothbrush sterilizer

Chungho Nais / Coffee Purifier Tiny edge

Bokuk / Dehumidifier

Bokuk / Air fryer

Renopia / Electronic piano for children

Ztween / Wireless router

Link / Toothbrush sterilizer

Samsung / Electronics VR device development

Victoria Beauty / Skin analyzer

Seoul National University / Smart bio band

Jijun system / Kitchen cradle design consulting

Samsung / IOT Health Care Band

Brand Live / ‘Kona’ Display Project

Design Factory / Smart IOT Helmet for Kids

Seoul National University / Medical device 1st

Link / Toothbrush Sterilizer

Ergoguard / Medical cervical collar

Hyundai Tech / Agricultural hose ree

SK Networks / network security device

Blink / IOT Bike indicator

AviAir / Air purifier

Grinnare / IOT Study reading desk development

Link / Smartphone sterilizer

Victoria Beauty / Cosmetic dispenser

Hyndai Mobis / Car Battery development

2018/ 2019

2020/ 2021

Samsung / Mobile accessory

Seoul National University / Medical device 2nd

Linkface / VR device development

KFI / Smart rescue helmet for fireman

Neostact / Crime prevention IoT device

Hoyun / Pet bend

Robot&more / Ai speaker

LG / Confidential kids product

Savikogy / Pet wash & dry room development

Ergon / Fire mask dispensers

Linkface / Smart earplug & lighting speaker

MINISO / Living product 

LG / Confidential_Refrigerator

Winix / Air purufier 

Petcoon / Pet styler development

Uzinmedicare / Spectra breast pump

Production / Rocket sleep light 

Everybot / Wet mop robot vacuum cleaner

Nueyen / Tinnitus therapy machine

Production / fonv Pilates Equipment

Daewoong_CGBIO / LED Mask, Hair mask

Yuhankimberly / Confidential

LG Electronics / Confidential

Ceragem / Confidential

Musicus  / Confidential

Tamken / DDP Design fair stool

Sun Lighting / Lightway Pandant

Seoul National University / Confidential


Purium / Confidential

LG Electronics / Confidential


2020 Founded fonv 필라테스 기구 전문 제작 폰브 브랜드 런칭

2018 Registered KODFA 한국디자인산업연협회 회원사 등록

2018 Establishment of Design R&D center

2017 Registered KIDP 산업디자인전문회사 등록

2015 Founded PDF HAUS 제품디자인아카데미 운영

2015 Founded PDF 제품디자이너모임 운영

2014 Founded S2VICTOR design studio


2019 Sookmyung Univ. 숙명여대 Design Process Lecture

2018 Sookmyung Univ. 숙명여대 Design Process Lecture

2018 KDM 한국디자인진흥원 Design Process Lecture

2017 KDM 한국디자인진흥원 Design Process Lecture

​2016 Product design book published 'Keyshot'

2016 KIDP 한국디자인진흥원 'Dream’s of the younger designers'​

2016 Shinsegae 신세계 Design Trend lecture

2015 Tide 타이드 Product design guest lecture


What we believe in

The goal is to challenge various fields based on the weapon of design. We're not afraid of the experience of better change and the growth pains. We are sure that the big and small success and countless efforts that have been written from the perspective of people will one day make us that one of the leading industrial design companies on the planet. We declare our dream of designing

rockets on represent of the Earth. Don't be afraid or hesitant! Our challenges continue today.

우리는 디자인이라는 무기를 바탕으로 다양한 무대에 도전합니다. 더 나은  변화를  위한  경험과 이에 필요한 성장통을 두려워하지 않습니다. 우리가 써내려갈 크고 작은 성공과 무수한 노력은 언젠가 에스투빅터를 지구를 대표하는 디자인 회사로 만들어 줄 것이라 확신합니다. 지구를 대표해 로켓을 디자인하겠다는 포부에는 우리의 신념이 담겨있습니다. 두려워하거나 전전긍긍치 말 것! 에스투빅터의 도전은 오늘도 계속됩니다.